Entrepreneur test


The purpose of this assessment is:

Investigate whether the candidate has the competencies to start their own business.


A clear report that gives you an indication of your own or someone else's entrepreneurship.


Duration of the assessment:

ca. 75 minutes

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The Entrepreneur test tries to give you as many answers to the following questions as possible:

  • You want to start your own business. Which competencies do you need then and do you have those in you?
  • Or do you want to hand your company over to the next generation and investigate whether the time is right for them? Are they ready?

You learn to do business by trial and error,
but your entrepreneurial skills have to be good at the base!

This online assessment consists of four parts:

  • Capacity Test
    • The Capacity Test is available in two varieties, mbo- and hbo/academic work and thinking level.
  • Social behaviour test
  • Motives test 
  • Conversation with a professional about entrepreneurship and motivation

The conversation will be linked to discussing the results of the report. This conversation is led by a professional who has experience in running multiple companies and everything that comes with it.