360° feedback


The purpose of this assessment is:

Ask others for feedback on your own personal and/or business development in an accessible and careful manner.


Based on the feedback received, you will gain insight into your personal and business development points and be able to convert these into development goals and actions.


Duration of the assessment:

ca. 10-15 minutes

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Using the ‘360° feedback’ tool, you can ask people in an easily accessible way if they want to give you feedback. Both the asker and the giver do not have to face-to-face confrontation with the other when answering the questions asked. The giver can, on paper, give very valuable information to the feedback requester.

If you want to know what someone thinks about you, ask them with the ‘360° feedback’ tool!

Depending on the purpose of the feedback, you can determine the questions yourself or use a pre-filled assessment. This choice is made on the basis of a consultation with the HR advisor or an advisor from Powerteam HR Tools. 

You have the possibility to ask different types of questions, both multiple choice and open questions. An open question provides most of the information for the feedback request. The open question invites the feedback giver to think about his answer instead of quickly ticking a box.

Once you have received a response from all feedback providers, you will have insight into your development points, be able to formulate your own personal and business development goals and convert them into actions.