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Talent Matching
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Hiring new employees costs money, but replacing employees is much more expensive!


You are involved in a recruitment and selection procedure and you want to know whether the candidate who looks suitable on paper fits the culture of your company. Whether he or she is a match for his or her manager? Whether he has additional qualities compared to your own talents?

Powerteam HR Tools has several assessments, which can give you insight into this. For example: collaboration style, thinking style, norms and values, drives and motives, culture, etc. This is important to know, because only if an employee really fits within an organisation, he or she is a valuable asset to the company, both in terms of person and productivity. Only then does the employee also feel that he is in his place and does not make the switch to another organisation so quickly.

We combine years of experience in ICT with scientific knowledge of psychological testing. In addition, we closely follow new techniques, new working methods and new forms. We, too, are always innovating our HR Tools.

Our assessments are easily accessible. No unnecessary and lengthy texts, we often use images. The assessments consist of various modules, making them easy to combine. We put together a tailor-made package for each organisation, a package that best meets the organisation’s requirements and offers reports with immediately usable insights.


Our solutions

Our HR matching tools are a valuable addition to your existing personnel policy.

Matching - DevelopmentDNA culture test

What are the values and norms of your organization?

MatchingNew Hire Basic

Do you want insight into your candidate?


MatchingNew Hire for managers

Do you want insight into your candidate-manager?


Fully support the HR professional in the administrative and recruitment- and selection process.

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