Our assessments

Powerteam HR Tools offers online assessments that give the HR professional different insights into employees and organisations. For example: collaboration styles, thinking styles, norms and values, drives and motives, culture, etc. The assessments are easily accessible. They consist of various modules, making them easy to combine in different ways. In addition, we can offer our assessments in the language you require. German, Polish, Romanian, English and Dutch, all of these languages are already available.

We combine years of experience in ICT with scientific knowledge of psychological tests. In addition, we closely follow new techniques, new working methods and new forms, so that we are always busy renewing our HR-Tools.



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Matching - DevelopmentDNA culture test

What are the values and norms of your organization?

MatchingNew Hire Basic

Do you want insight into your candidate?


MatchingNew Hire for managers

Do you want insight into your candidate-manager?

DevelopmentPersonal development scan

What are your development possibilities?

Ontwikkeling - Management360° feedback

Hoe denkt iemand over jou?

DevelopmentMotives test

What motivates you or your employees?