New Hire - Manager


The purpose of this assessment is:

Finding the right person for the right job.


You will receive an immediately usable and well-organised report containing an advice as to whether the tested candidate meets the predetermined measurement points.


Duration of the assessment:

ca. 90 minutes

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After the initial selection, you will have a number of suitable candidates or, in this tight labour market, even 1 candidate. Actually, you want to be sure that this candidate fits the job, but also fits within the culture of your company, before you enter into an employment contract with each other.

Hiring new employees costs money,
but replacing employees is even more expensive!

The New Hire assessment for managers allows you to find out in advance whether the candidate fits the position and your organisation. This assessment consists of the following components:

The HR advisor also receives the following reports:

  • Interactive module for the HR adviser to personalise the assessment.
  • Aggregation report for the HR adviser where all scores are aggregated into a clear report.